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(Livestream) Workshop in english - Face Reading Secrets - with Eric Standop • 05.12. - 05.12.2020 • online


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Face Reading Secrets

This workshop offers crucial information! Knowledge not based on just one
face reading technique, but of many. It introduces and explains the foundational
elements of face reading you must know if you want to understand people.

The secrets of the old wisdom and the modern science behind the ancient technique
to detect people and reveal their inner self are of a high priority for every face reader.

  • what are the main important rules to follow in a reading
  • how do features in the face interact with micro expressions
  • whats more important a feature or a micro expression in a face
  • whats the effect from signs of health on the personality
  • why one feature is never enough to get an answer
  • why eyes and mouth are the most important features in a face (with one exception)
  • whats the influence of culture and even history on the way you read (and how to avoid it)

Saturday, 05. December – 14:00 - 17:00 [CET]
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